What is PVC Coated Fence Wire?

PVC wire; They are advantageous products in terms of recycling, especially they have high resistance to sunlight. Since they are covered with PVC, there is no fading in colors. While it has an aesthetic appearance, it also has the features of being washable. It is produced by coating PVC on hot-dip galvanization. Generally, it is preferred in green color, but it can be produced in different colors. Especially in crowded cities, security measures become mandatory.

While providing security needs in various ways, some people prefer fence wires. In the selection of wire, attention is paid to ensure that it is durable, economical and long-lasting. In this case, PVC coated knitted fence wire is preferred in the use and selection of wire.

Especially parks, gardens, sports fields are the most common areas of use of PVC coated knitted fence wire. It also has priority for use in industrial areas. In addition, PVC coated knitted fence wire, which is very wide in use, is one of the most preferred reasons thanks to its corrosion resistance. The product is covered with hot-dip galvanized wires.

It is prepared by knitting machines after PVC coating. PVC coated wire mesh, which finds its place in all areas, is generally used in parks, sports fields, bridge fences.

Plastic coated wire, which we started production in 2006 and used as fence wire, is produced in different colors and sizes. According to the need, our monthly production capacity varies between 50 - 100 tons.

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Product Standards   TS EN 10245-2
Raw Material Standards   TS 2348 EN 10016 (SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1010)
Material   Hot Dipped Galvanized Wires
Tensile Strength N/mm2 Min. 450
Coating Method   Extrusion
Coating Thickness mm 0,80 – 1,20
Coverable Wire Diameter mm 1,50 - 4,00
Wire Diameter mm 2,50 - 5,00
Color   Codes of RAL s 
Coil Weight kg 50 - 1000
Coil Inner Diameter mm 400 - 500
Coil Outside Diameter mm 800 - 1.000
Packaging   Rosette Winding Coil
Usage Area   Fence Wire and Barbed Wire Manufacturing

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