Quality Control

“Kar-el Wire Company” constantly adds value in the products it produces and the services it provides, by going beyond the needs and expectations of all its customers. In this way, it creates new opportunities by constantly increasing customer satisfaction. In this way, it aims to be a pioneer in the world in its sector.

“Kar-el Wire Company” values all employees. Carries out encouraging practices to develop the corporate and individual goals of the employees.. The happiness of the employees is the most important criterion in achieving customer satisfaction. Internal decisions are made on the basis of participation by taking the opinions of the employees.

“Kar-el Wire Company” has leaders who shape and realize the future and set an example in line with the values and ethical understanding of the organization.

“Kar-el Wire Company” creates increased value and performance levels through continuous improvement and systematic renewal by activating the creativity of suppliers. We cooperates with stakeholders in the research and development of new generation products and production technologies.

“Kar-el Wire Company” develops talents by effectively managing change within beyond organizational boundaries. Constantly audits the system and activities it has established and keeps it open to inspection by interested parties. It is ensured that the employees are equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills, and they assume authority and responsibility regarding their work.

“Kar-el Wire Company” determines opportunities and threats. Known for their ability to respond effectively and efficiently, turning crises into opportunities. In order to increase competitiveness, it is important to save money by acting with cost awareness in every decision and activity.

“Kar-el Wire Company” achieves sustainable excellent results in its fields of activity that meet the short and long-term needs of all its stakeholders. It determines all possible risks arising as a result of business and initiates works to reduce these risks to acceptable

“Kar-el Wire Company” not only improves their performance, also improves the economic, environmental and social conditions of the segments of society they are in contact with, creating a positive impact on their environment. Kar-el Wire Company supports the research and implementation of clean energy and nature-friendly productions with its environmental awareness. It constantly works to minimize the consumption of resources and the resulting waste. It sheds light on the future with its social responsibility projects and contributions to non-governmental organizations.

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