Our Values

Karel Demir Tel

Our Corporate Values

With the rapid progress of technology, we are developing our products and our company with a high acceleration. In addition to product production, the process is also extremely important in the steel industry. Product quality and production speed can be increased by using innovative methods in the production process of the product. The whole process, from the raw material of the product to the final result, is immediately controlled by our professional team. The requested products are produced using the latest technology.

Customer focus is extremely important in businesses. At the same time, it is directly proportional to the experience of the employee. In general, the growth rate is higher in businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction gives confidence to potential customers. As Kar-el Demir Tel, we attach importance to customer satisfaction and consider it among our core values.

As Kar-el Demir Tel family, we attach great importance to the element of solidarity both with our customers and within our company. We are working for the development of our company while growing our company for a common purpose by adopting the sense of unity with our thousands of personnel.

We understand once again the importance of teamwork during and after each production process. All of our personnel with different professional fields come together to ensure a systematic operation. Teamwork is undoubtedly among the most fundamental values of growth and development in every field.

Innovation, customer focus, solidarity and flawless teamwork within a company are the foundations of continuous improvement. Therefore, as Kar-el Demir Tel, we adopt all the values that support development and continue to develop continuously.

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