What is Galvanized Barbed Wire?

The most common use of barbed wire is to provide security. the advantage of being barbed is that the entrance and exit to the separated part are prevented. It is generally used as galvanized coated. Due to the fact that it is thorny, it is necessary to assemble the area or region to be surrounded by experts. This wires can cause serious problems when assembled by non-experts.

How Is Barbed Wire Quality Determined?

It is a type of wire formed by combining two straight wires in a spiral manner and having barbs at certain intervals. It is generally used to prevent the passage while being used along the border. Since it can be used in many ways, it requires intense effort and technical material to cut or disable it. The raw material of barbed wire is galvanized wires.

Galvanized barbed wire can also be offered without poles in accordance with user demand. It is used especially in the protection of lands in the central Anatolian region. However, its use without a pole can be risky. Therefore, it is recommended to be used together with iron bars.

Barbed wire is more durable than straight wire. Galvanized barbed wire is sourced from the galvanizing process. It ensures a long service life and is resistant to rust. This prevents human health from being endangered. It is the most widely used wire fence product because it has an important place in space separation.

Barbed Wire Usage Areas - Separation of areas that should not be entered in parks - On the protection of gardens - Preventing entry and exit to private security zones - It is frequently used especially in industrial areas.

It is one of the frequently used products in terms of providing high security measures and price performance.

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Product Standards   TS 1113 EN 10223-1
Raw Material Standards   TS 2348 EN 10016 (SAE 1006, SAE 1008)
Material   Hot Dip Galvanized High or Low Carbon Wires
Tensile Strength N/mm2 Min. 350
Type   Lowa or Reverse Twist
Number of Line Wires   2
Line Wire Diameter mm 1,30 - 2,50
Number of Barb Wire   2
Barb Wire Diameter mm 1,35 - 2,50
Distance Between Thorns mm 75, 100,125,150 (± 7 mm)
Roll Length Mt 100,125, 250, 500
Packaging   In rolls of 10-40 kg or minimum 100 meters
Usage Area   Farms, Military Fields, Airports,
Factory Warehouses, Fields and All Applications for Protection and Demarcation Purposes

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