To have a Human Resources system that satisfies all stakeholders with competitive labor force In the framework of our Human Resources vision, we aim to provide a Human Resources Management that recognizes people as our most valuable asset and keeps the departments, employees and working families at hand. In this direction;


• Establishing a rich and qualified candidate database in the human resources provisioning process, providing fast access to the workforce capable of meeting the needs of the company.

• To maintain a high potential / quality profile of employees who are competent, highly motivated, innovative and open to change.

• Establish and develop infrastructure with a systematic and process-based approach in all human resources processes such as recruitment, remuneration, performance, career, talent management and training,

• Establishing a preferable workplace climate by providing conditions and social opportunities above market conditions,

• To direct and manage the human resources by providing an effective communication, creativity and innovation environment to achieve the Company's goals,

• Provide professional and personal development by providing a variety of personal development programs as well as systematic technical trainings to support continuous learning and development;

• Developing development programs to improve the competence of human resources in line with R & D technology strategies,

• Providing a working environment surrounded by effective Occupational Health and Safety policies is one of our basic strategies.

• In-house celebrations, sports tournaments (football, darts, table tennis, foosball, etc.) organize activities that are open to the participation of the whole Kar-el Family.

• In addition to these, our employees keep the spirit of Kar-El at the highest level with the celebrations and events such as Summer and Spring Festivals.

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