What is Razor Wire?

It is one of the highest security measures available today. More deterrent in terms of security than many different wires. While it is frequently used in military areas, it is also used for the protection of prohibited and dangerous sections and areas. These are products that show that people who want to jump from areas that are prohibited and that are surrounded by normal fences may be harmed. People who want to pass the fence cause clothes tearing and simple-serious injuries.

Razor wire, which is frequently used in areas where security is kept at a high level, is a professional perimeter security solution. It has the flexibility to be mounted on existing fences or alone. In addition to the physical protection provided by sharp razors, there is a great psychological deterrent feature. Razor wires can be spiral as well as planar and straight line. You can also change the way you choose according to the usage areas.

Among the areas of use, it is mostly used when the security of strategically important places such as military facilities, oil pipelines, refineries, energy centers, factories, country borders and prisons will be ensured. It is used as a single or multiple system. Considering the psychological deterrent feature, the usage areas can be differentiated.

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