What is Panel Fence?

The most popular fence types that can be used for different areas are panel fences. They are very useful products, especially in terms of security. They are metal products designed to fence and surround areas such as gardens, parks, workplaces, and plots. Having an aesthetic appearance and stylish use allows them to be used in private places for security purposes. The fact that panel fence products are practical and user-friendly in terms of installation is one of the reasons for preference. The fact that the parts can be easily assembled or that they are problem-free products in cases such as transportation and transportation are among the main features. Panel fence products, also known as wall panel fences, can be used on soil or concrete ground.

What is Panel Fence?

It is used to surround an area and to ensure the security of that area. It can also be used to protect gardens from animals or to prevent unwanted human entry and exit. They are products with sharp ends due to their design features. Since they are made of PVC and galvanization, they do not rust, do not fade, are resistant to sunlight and have an aesthetic appearance. All these features support them to be suitable for use for many years.

What are the Features of Panel Fence Wire?

Their green color is used in the gardens to capture the natural color and to obtain an aesthetic appearance. They are resistant to situations such as deformation and bending, and are also resistant to corrosion. It can be used for years without losing its shape. Panel Fence Advantages Its main use is security. It prevents unauthorized persons from entering your area and garden. Protecting harmful animals such as cats and dogs and having an aesthetic appearance are among the advantages. When it comes to garden fence, the first products that come to mind are panel fence models.

How is Panel Fence Installation?

Installation of fences consists of a few simple steps. Products can be customized for you. Production is made according to the measurements taken for which purpose and for which region, and then there are different installation methods depending on the ground. After the pits are opened in the area to be installed, concrete is poured on the ground and the product is mounted on the concrete. Then, fixing is made to the floor with dowels and the panels are connected to each other with steel screws. In this way, their durability is increased

Panel fences, which are produced with high quality and offer suitable solutions, are products that you can safely use in all your projects with their strength. the twists made during production, it creates high resistance against impacts. In order to increase the strength, there is a single or double weft wire to the twisting places.

Panel fences are frequently used in areas such as site and company security, and around sports fields. Being resistant to corrosion and rust, it creates a wide usage area. Our panel fences are provided with the equipment to be used during assembly.

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