What is Galvanized Wire?

Galvanized wire is a type of wire made by hot dipping. Galvanized wires; It is obtained by immersing the produced steel wire in liquid zinc. This galvanizing process protects the surface of the steel. Zinc layer; Responsible for protecting the steel wire from corrosion, breakage or damage. In general, we use hot-dip galvanized wire products when producing wire fence products.

Features of Galvanized Wire

We produce with three fully automatic galvanizing lines in our facility. Our lines provide homogeneous annealing with the advantage of fluidized bed system and aluminum quartz sand, which heats the entire surface of the wires. This kind of ovens we use have the latest technology

Commercial and high zinc coated wires are produced in our production lines. Commercial coated wires have a high quality coating and are produced with a pad wiping system that ensures the smoothness of wire surfaces. High zinc coated wires are produced with a nitrogen stripping system. Products with low or medium carbon levels, which are in international standards, are available in our production.

Galvanized wire is widely used to produce strong, high quality and durable wire. The surfaces of steel wire-like materials are immersed in liquid zinc to take precautions against corrosion. Not immersing the steel wire in zinc and not using the galvanizing process cause the wire to wear out over time and lose its resistance to corrosion. The use of hot-dip galvanized wire is an extremely important criterion in terms of longer life and ease of use of the wire.

Hot-dip galvanized wire generally means that the steel wire is coated with zinc to make it more durable. As a result of this process, the service life of the steel wire product is longer and the steel wire is protected from external factors. Galvanized wire products do not rust and are not damaged, so they provide the opportunity to use for a long time.

It is very important that the wire used for fencing the garden wall is galvanized in order to be protected from climatic conditions. Wires are protected from rain, wind, snow and other harsh weather conditions as a result of galvanization. The higher the quality of the zinc liquid used on the surface of the steel wire, the longer the service life of these materials. The capacity and quality of the liquid zinc we use is quite high, and the rate of hot-dip galvanized wire is also high, so the service life of the galvanized products is also long.

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Product Standards   TS EN 10244, BS 443, DIN 1548, ASTM A 475
Raw Material Standards   SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1010, SAE 1020 vb.
Wire Diameter mm 0,80 - 8,00
Coating Amount gr/m2 30 - 300
Coating Type   Hot Dip Galvanizing
Tensile Strength N/mm2 400 - 1.000
Coil Weight kg 50 - 1.500
Coil Inner Diameter mm 350, 450, 550
Coil Outside Diameter mm 650, 750, 850, 1.100
Packaging   Rosette Winding Coil (attached with steel straps at 4 points and with 4 lifting rings added)
Usage Area   Spiral Braided Fence Wire, Hexagonal Braided Fence Wire, Gabion Wire, Poultry Wire, PVC Coated Wire, Barbed Wire, Cut-To-Length Galvanized Wire, Screen Wire, Suspended and Suspended Ceiling Wire, Spot Welded Panel, etc.

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