• The aim of our company is to be a voice in the world with our reliable business activities and to be the leading company in the wired sector. It is the basis for our human resources policy to find people who will enable us to achieve these goals, present them to our company and contribute to their personal and professional development.

  • Our basic mission in the modern Human Resources Department with open communication, teamwork, personal and professional development; Our company and our employees' goals and expectations, in accordance with the company ethics understanding, effective, efficient and motivated by an organization to achieve the vision and goals of the company.

  • To have a Human Resources system that satisfies all stakeholders with competitive labor force In the framework of our Human Resources vision, we aim to provide a Human Resources Management that recognizes people as our most valuable asset and keeps the departments, employees and working families at hand. In this direction;

  • • Establishing a rich and qualified candidate database in the human resources provisioning process, providing fast access to the workforce capable of meeting the needs of the company.

  • • To maintain a high potential / quality profile of employees who are competent, highly motivated, innovative and open to change.

  • • Establish and develop infrastructure with a systematic and process-based approach in all human resources processes such as recruitment, remuneration, performance, career, talent management and training,

  • • Establishing a preferable workplace climate by providing conditions and social opportunities above market conditions,

  • • To direct and manage the human resources by providing an effective communication, creativity and innovation environment to achieve the Company's goals,

  • • Provide professional and personal development by providing a variety of personal development programs as well as systematic technical trainings to support continuous learning and development;

  • • Developing development programs to improve the competence of human resources in line with R & D technology strategies,

  • • Providing a working environment surrounded by effective Occupational Health and Safety policies is one of our basic strategies.

  • • In-house celebrations, sports tournaments (football, darts, table tennis, foosball, etc.) organize activities that are open to the participation of the whole Kar-el Family.

  • • In addition to these, our employees keep the spirit of Kar-El at the highest level with the celebrations and events such as Summer and Spring Festivals.

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