Since the day we were established, we have been maintaining our quality management approach without compromising our quality management system. Because of the vision, mission and values we advocate, we implement quality, environment and information security management systems as integrated. According to our understanding of quality management;

• To achieve internal and external customer satisfaction in all processes within our business,

• To provide reliable and long-term durable products to our customers,

• To comply with customer requirements, national and international standards, environment and human-sensitive production,

• Preventing the consumption of raw materials and labor,

• To be a Turkish brand that contributes to the national economy and gives pride to its people and employees.

In order to provide 24/7 continuous service with our advanced laboratory infrastructure. In this context, internal and external audits are carried out periodically in order to maintain our corporate quality understanding. Our company has been successful in external audits conducted annually and certified by national and international organizations. Furthermore, the conformity of the products we produce with the domestic standards has been certified by TSE. With these documents, our steel mesh product is presented to the market with the ”G“ sign.

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